Silent Auction - Baskets
For Me and My Cat!
Wine, 2 wine glasses, wine glass stickers, wine bottle cat toy, cat treats, snacks black truffle salami nuggets, cheese straws, stuffed olives, almonds, chocolate almonds, candies.
Too Many Rabbits!
Easter basket with 2 bunnies, chocolate eggs, crayons, bunny pens, carrot jump rope, frisbee, bunny masks, bunny ear clips, bunny pens, A dozen animal-decorated eggs.
Camp Roar 12 to 15 Year Olds
Basket with throw, 500 piece puzzle, EFRC bookmark, EFRC cat prints, plush leopard, leopard light switch cover.   Gift certificate for July 18, 2018 event available at checkout.
Kitchen Magician
Colander, 4 chopping mats, Garfield recipe book, big cat coasters, cookie press kit, kitchen utensils, marble cheese slicer, Plush leopard, EFRC bookmark.
A Playtime for Her!
Tons of things for little girls---jewelry, glittery cat pillow, calendar, snacks, card games, puzzles, plush tiger, photo of Lil Bub, etc.
And Baby Makes 3....
33" X 36" handmade acrylic washable baby afghan, baby supplies (sox, teethe rs, washcloths, pacifier holder, sipping cup, etc), plush piggie and bear
Madagascar Menagerie
32" X 40" kid's quilt, 3 Madagascar DVDs, cookies, hot chocolate, mug, plush and wood animals
"The Tiger Prowls" Pop-Up Book & Friends
The Tiger Prowls pop-up book, 6 plush animals that relate to the book
For the Cat Lover in You 
Plush cat,, food, treats, toys, flea meds, bowls, drying towel, brush, book (title "I could pee on this"), Bottle of Pinot Meow wine (contains water, organic catnip, organic red beets, sea salt, ascorbic acid)
For the Gals
Cat-patterned backpack, movie, crayons/coloring books, cookies, calendar, jump rope, plush cat, EFRC bookmark
Tub of Beer
13 assorted bottles beers in a metal tub
Is It POP?   or   Is It SODA?
11 unique bottles of Sprecher flavored sodas
Pooch Smooch treats, Sweet Potato itty Bitty Bones, Pup-kin Spice Latte treats, Chicken Pup-Pie treats, rawhide bone, plush dog.
I've Got You Babe!
Valentine's Day basket with a pair of plush dogs who sing "I've got you babe" by Sonny & Cher, Small red basket, Valentine tin with candy.
Camp Roar 8 to 11 Year Olds
Basket with throw, 1000 piece puzzle, EFRC bookmark, EFRC cat print, plush cats.     Gift certificate for either June 27th or July 11th, 2018 event available at checkout.
Playtime for Him!
Tons of things for little boys---Emogi pillow, calendar, puzzles, toys, card games, crayons, magnets, snacks, etc.
Tiger-mania - Chloe and her Babies!
6 EFRC mugs with Chloe, Kizman, Claire, Bailey, Koala and Munka
A bird in the Hand.....
15" tube birdfeeder (made in America), birdseed, suet feeder, 2 suet cakes, EFRC bookmark, plush angry bird
A Lion Called Christian
True story of the remarkable bond between 2 friends and a lion---DVD, book, plush Christian
For the Dog Lover in You 
Plush dog, food, treats, toys, bowls, drying towel, leash, book, Bottle of Zinfan-tail (contains water, peppermint extract, organic red beets, sea salt, ascorbic acid)
For the Fellows
Cat-patterned backpack, movies, crayons/coloring books, cookies, calendar, EFRC bookmark, plush tiger
The Ultimate Gourmet #1 
1 cat toy and the following "gourmet" food items: Blueberry Bourbon jam, blue cheese, Artichoke bruschetta topping, cream crackers, Pinot Grig io salame, Merlot Bella Vitano cheese, and marrons glace's.
Sip & Snack
Metal wine holder, pinot noir & sauvignon blanc, bamboo cutting board, 2 shatterproof wine glasses from The animal Rescue Site, Old Wisconsin beef hardwood smoked summer sausage, crostini style breadsticks, Bourbon gouda cheese, Santorini Espresso Bellavitano cheese, and dill Havarti cheese.
Find Your Favorite Animal
13 assorted animal-themed Sprecher beers
Everyone is Irish on March 17th
XL t-shirt, candy, hat, shamrock necklaces, fridge magnets, sox, pins, 2 coiled snakes.
Spring Awakening
Handmade washable approx 56 X 72 afghan, zippered fabric box, 2 EFRC cougar mugs, 2 EFRC cougar photos, 2 plush cougars 
Christmas---for the Young and for the Old-er
Christmas creatures---Sylvester stocking, plush snowmen, Santa, pelican: sack of coal, 2 hand towels, note pad, Yankee Candle tea lights
Doggie Treat and Training Basket
Doggie treats, chew dental bone, poop bags & holder, tote bag, plush dog, calendar and magnet.  Training workshop (loose leash walking or rock solid recall or potty training or jump stop workshops). Certificate available at checkout.
The Ultimate Gourmet #2
2-  21 oz tumblers made in the USA that are dishwasher safe, lead free, and hand decorated w/ "Love is a four-legged word."  Bottle of Wildcat Creek Winery Chambourcin, and two wine bottele cat toys.The gourmet goodies include Tomolives (pickled green tomatoes), Alaskan smokehouse lobster spread, Cremosa tartufata Ispreadable truffle salami), Sonoma Jacks Light Parmesan Peppercorn cheese wedges, wafer crackers, Bloody Mary cashews, and Brookside Vineyard inspired dark chocolates.
Bottle of Bartenura Moscato wine, 2 wine glasses w/wine charms, corkscrew, EFRC bookmark, plush white tiger, candies
Rubber Ducky
"Playful Cat" items (2 hand towels, toothbrush holder, soap/lotion pump), 3 bars Yardley soap, 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, plush cat, rubber ducky
Shall We Dansk?
4 Ritva Puotila vintage cottom placemats, 4 chocolate brown napkins, 4 napkin rings, plush lion and plush tiger, EFRC bookmark
Meow-y Christmas!
Kitty Klaus 13" X 72" Christmas table runner, 4 Kitty Klaus placemats, 4 burgundy napkins, 4 napkin rings, EFRC bookmark, Plush Kitty Klaus
Christmas Cats-astrophe!!!
Franklin Mint Santa Claws porcelain limited edition holiday plate, Grumpy Cat plush top, Assorted pine cones
A Crafty Way to Quench Your Thirst
13 bottles of Sprecher craft brew
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