Live Auction
 "The King"
Custom (16x20) Stained Glass Panel in a Wood Frame.   It is a copper foil panel with 144 pieces - based on a photograph of the lion, King.  A unique piece, designed & created by Jennifer Lamb, a longtime EFRC keeper.


Handmade "CAT" Quilt
 71" x 71" quilt
5 cat pictures on the front,
1 cat picture, signature and date on the back.

Long Live The King
Photo 14 X 10 (framed size 20 X 18) of King the lion.  Photo taken by Stephen McCloud.

One Night Stay  -  Clayshire Castle
no expiration
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright QUILT
36" x 26" Hanging Quilt
From photograph taken by Stephen McCloud, this beautiful hanging quilt is thread painted
and machined quilted with an original design.  Cloth case to protect it is included.  By Leigh Layton.
A Day with EFRC Vet - DVM. Fred Froderman
See how Dr. Froderman helps to keep our cats healthy as he makes his rounds at the EFRC. 
Day to be arranged a few weeks in advance.  4 people max for the day event.

EFRC Overnight
EFRC overnight stay that include
  • a special basket
  • 2 all day passes
  • tour areas not open to the public when you accompany the keepers doing morning feeding
  • a boomer ball to give to some lucky cat.

Pot Belly Wood Stove
This is a Hot Blast Florence.  No 770.   By g. Emrich, of Columbus Ohio.  
Height is 67".  Width and depth are about 30" x 30" at the widest part and 26" x 26" at the feet. 

 Zebra Quilt
97" x 81" quilt with double sided pictures/zebra designs.  Signature on back of quilt. Beautiful zebras on white and on yellow backgrounds with black and white to separate. You have to see this quilt to believe it! 

"ReClaimed" Child Table & Chairs

Child Table and Chairs - made from wood used to build a 1930's barn.

Blue Whales
20" X 24" picture of whales and the underwater sea life.


"ReClaimed" Hope Chest
Hope Chest - made from wood used to build a 1930's barn.

Weber Grill and Basket 

 4 Wine Glasses
Hebron Glass, West Bank. Established in 1890 - began as a family business and now exports traditional, handmade glassware and ceramics products for their artisans, despite the challenges of occupation and war. 

Blue Underwater Sea Life
24" X 26" picture of dolphins and the underwater sea life.
 Nana Bearhugs Boyds Bear
40" tall plush Boyds Bear with movable arms and legs.  She has a large neck plaque that says "Please do not feed the bear...she's already overstuffed!".

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