Silent Auction - Plush Stuffed Animals
Nana Bearhugs Boyds Bear
40" tall plush Boyds Bear with movable arms and legs.  She has a large neck plaque that says "Please do not feed the bear...she's already overstuffed!".
Aren't I sweet?
Plush Boyds Bear with grey coat, fur hat, fur muff
Celeste Angeltrust, shy holiday angel
Plush Boyds Bear Celeste Angeltrust white bear with wings and fob
Snuggly Polar Bear
Plush Boyds polar bear with red neck bow
Polar Bear Snuggle-Up
Russ Berrie 25" long polar bear named Glacier wearing neck scarf,  Approx. 86 X 86 quilt 
Dickens Holiday Boyds Bear
40" tall plush Boyds Bear with movable arms and legs.  He is wearing a Santa hat and has a large neck plaque that says "Have yourself a Beary Merry Christmas"
Set of 3 Boyds Bears in original box
Boyds Bears Tasha B Frostbeary, Stephen Frostbeary and Tweek F Wuzzie in original Boyds Bear box
All dressed up but nowhere to go
Whihley, Sonja Frostbeary, Alexis White and& Nadia Berriman Boyd Bears---dressed in winter finery
Burgundy bunch of bears
4 Boyds Bears in their burgundy winter finery
Oops!  Fall down, go boom!!!
Plush snowman ice skater
"Romanoff" the bear
Russ Berrie "Romanoff" burgundy bear, EFRC bookmark
Bear---ly there!
Trio of white Boyds Bears, each with unique neck scarf
Mr. Santa Bear
Plush Boyds brown bear dressed like Santa Claus
"Growler" the bear
Steiff "Growler" chocolate brown bear with neck bow and Steiff button in ear and legs & arms that move
Here Me Chuff
Large plush tiger 
Here Me Roar
Large plush lion
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