Silent Auction - Misc & Sports
Find Your Cat
Very large oversize book (cat wall chart) of various cats with fold-out pages so you can identify the various kinds of cats, Plush black & white cat
Amazonia book---photographs & text by Loren McIntyre & autographed, Plush toucan and armadillo
Take a Southern Africa Safari Trip!
Southern Africa Safari book by Vonne Martin, Plush lion
Let's Do Disney
Art of Walt Disney book c1975, Plush Mickey Mouse
Lion King Flip-A-Zoo
Simba and Pumba plush, Lion King book
Indianapolis Colts Helmet Ghost Lights
Hard-wired into the car doors.  When you open the car doors, the colts helmet images are displayed on the ground.  Instructions included
Pencil Set - Punctuate
This pencil set contains 36 colored pencils, 24 watercolor pencils, 12 graphite pencils in varying degrees of hardness, 5 pieces of sandpaper and 1 non-PVC eraser.
Matryoshka Doll
Set of 7 burgundy-colored Matryoshka "nesting" dolls, the largest being 7.5" high
Can You Hear Me???
Logitech Z110 stereo speaker set
Sharing my Chair with my Cat!
Cat-patterned quad patio chair for kids, Plush cat  
Sharing my Zebra Chair with a Zebra!
Zebra-patterned quad patio chair for kids, Plush zebra
You Go Girl!!!
Autographed photo and t-shirt (size XL) from Victoria Vivians, #35
Jump Ball!
Autographed hat by Tyreke Evans, #12, Mini Pacers basketball
Let's Play Football
Indianapolis Colts football autographed by Jack Doyle.  Display case with mirrored back.
That Indy Pacers Look! 
Adidas official team cap, Adidas hoodie/sweatshirt size 2XL
Purdue Boilermakers 
Handmade acrylic washable afghan in PU colors, approx 46 X 60.  Purdue cap
IU/Cream & Crimson Basket
Hand-crocheted acrylic washable approx 45" X 60" afghan in Indiana U colors, IU cap
Aquabot Pool Cleaner 
The Aquabot Classic offers the convenience of complete pool cleaning – floor, walls and waterline.
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