Cat Nap Time
Pet bed with hanging toy, 13" Gund plush ginger tabby cat
Let Me In! 
PetSafe electronic smart door for small pets 4# to 15#,  One smart key and battery included.
Teach Me
PetSafe 900 yard remote trainer.   Tone, vibration and 15 levels of static stimulation.  Waterproof and rechargable for dogs 8 pounds and larger.
Lap It Up!
PetSafe large pet fountain for circulated filtered water---holds 120 ounces.   Best for large dogs or multiple pets.
Sleepypod for Your Pet
Strawberry red combination unit for your pet---an everyday pet bed, a stylish carrier and a safe car seat.
Don't Fence Me In!!!
PetSafe basic in-ground fence that can handle up to 5 acres.
PetSafe taupe Ultra scoop free self-cleaning litter box.
A Small "Barkable" Moment 
PetSafe elite little dog bark control for anti-bark training.  For small and medium dogs under 40 pounds.
Water, Water Everywhere 
PetSafe medium pet fountain for circulated filtered water---holds 80ounces.  Best for small to medium dogs and cats circulated filtered water---holds 80ounces.
Pawz Away!
PetSafe pawz away indoor pet barrier.  Helps your dog to be a "good dog" when inside. 
A "Barkable" Moment
PetSafe rechargable bark control collar for dogs 40 pounds and larger.  Waterproof and digital display.
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